The visual format of Sheela`s work has a somewhat, formal inter play of colors and shape, An artist since childhood, Sheela Chamaria started her initial discipline from Triveni Kala Sangam in 1990. In the meanwhile also worked under German artist Micheal T. She is one of the few artist who loves to experiment with different medium. Her work has been shown at reputed centers in India and aboard. she has presented her work through 14 solo n more the 50 group shows.

Sheela`s work is sensitive and sensual, critics often refer her as having a “mysterious, rhythmic quality of love and emotion, of possessing clarity and definite ideas, and consistent thematic concepts to convey to the viewers”.

Producing an optical sensation of both harmony and rhythm. Over the years Sheela`s work has moved from figurative to semi figurative and geometric. Today her work is full of clear firm lines that she loves.

Sheela`s work also moves through a phase of highly personal form of semi abstract expression. Her painting achieves this effect by juxtaposition of large areas of space with textures via an innovative use of wax on paper, or sometimes wax, copper foil, oil on paper.

Sheela`s work has always been a projection of her inner thought and reflection of her personality. Being an organized person, she gives a neat and clean line to her work. The uncluttered forms created by her concentrate on line, form and space, giving her sculpture a very structured look. Expression is kept bare minimum, only body language—just enough to project her own thought.

Given below are links to her works:

Sheela not only believe in creating her own work but also very passionate about sharing her knowledge by regularly conducting sculpture workshops in various school colleges like St stephens Hindu college and various art galleries and at her own studio.

She has also been invited to judge art n creative events

Lately she has also been doing 3d keepsakes.

She Also do commissioned work in large sizes

Sheela’s works are in collection of-

Luxor Group, Oswal Group, Stevens Inst. Of Tech., USA, British High Commissioner to India2004-2007, and Deputy British High Commissioner2003-2006, Jindal Group, Mr. Niville Tuli, Ms. Priya Paul , Dalmia ,Burmans(Dabur group) ,Unitec,  Ranbaxy and many in various private collection in India and abroad.

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