Benefits of Clay Modeling for Kids

Looking for an activity to boost your child’s mental development?

Clay modeling is a great activity which helps kids development in many a ways. Every child needs experiences that match his or her developmental level, and a simple piece of soft clay allows a child to do as he/she likes. It works on the fundamental aspects of play- based learning. It is loved by all kids and facilitates important life-skills like problem-solving skills, planning, exploring, evaluating and constructing shapes. Clay Modeling in small groups allows fun, communication, sharing and also improves social skills. It is an activity which nurtures child’s creativity, boosts imagination and imbibes self-confidence.

Clay Modeling for Kids

Benefits of Clay Modeling for Kids

It Relaxes

  • Working with clay is very calming.

Playing with Clay involves both left and right brains

  • Left brain focuses on the discipline and perseverance required to achieve one’s objectives
  • Right brain creates, associates, stretching the imagination Promotes a holistic left & right brain development

It is Therapeutic

  • Playing with clay has a calming effect on children
  • helps to relieve stress
  • offers a positive diversion for young, active minds

Facilitates Emotional Expression

  • A great way to allow young children to physically express their emotions.

Promotes Sensory Development

  • Clay offers tactile and visual sensory learning experience
  • Rolling with palms and fingers, pressing, pounding, shaping and forming clay strengthen their muscles and tendons
  • It prepares children to hold pencils and scissors later on.

Helps with Focus

  • While working with the clay, kids learn to concentrate.

Helps with Control

  • The activity builds self-esteem: acquires a sense of competency, power, and control over his/her environment (transformation).

Clay modeling can promote creative expression and problem solving as well as its use for children with autism

Clay Modeling Classes for Kids

Sheela Chamaria offers Clay Modeling classes for children at Green Park and Model Town, Delhi. She helps kids with the fundamentals of clay modeling and guides them in their creative quest to do better. It is a fun filled activity where there is a lot of learning and socializing.

If you have any queries please call Ms Sheela Chamaria at +91 9891043358.

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