A chanced meeting with Sheela Chamariya resulted in a whole lot of creative enterprises. I discovered an artist, sculptor, dreamer and a very fine and sensitive human being. The passion and ingenuity to mould innate object into vibrant shapes and breathe life into them is to be seen, to be believed.

Such intense is her passion for her work that it is transmitted to those around us like a magnate. Her ability to involve people and to draw best out of them is unique and admirable, her sculpture workshop at my Sana Art Studio was a stupendous success. Sheela is an excellent teacher who knows how to interact and share her knowledge with her students in a manner which is gentle, persuasive and so effective. I wish her all the best in her creative journey wherein she has to achieve many milestones.

– Salma Sultan(eminent Tv personality)

‘I had picked up learning sculpture with Sheela almost 10 years back…but going to her is still vivid in my mind. She has been a huge inspiration & guide. Sculpting different forms under her made me create things that brought my feelings & emotions to ‘life’. Sculpting is a very introspective exercise – it’s Sheela who taught me to believe that! While we worked together I was always in awe of her wax paintings…now many years later I still can visualise her work & undoubtedly learning sculpting from her has been one of the most enriching experiences!’

– Ekjyot Vohra

When I was a kid, I used to build a snowman, thinking I have made a great sculpture. I thought you had to be brainy to be a sculptor…The Brilliant thing is, I never thought I could be creative but since the creative sculpture workshop by Sheela Chamariya Ji, I see the world in a totally different way. I’m brimming over with ideas for more sculptures. These workshops allow students time to look at things differently, they get knowledge of materials and techniques and the freedom to be as creative as they want. Thank you so much Sheela ji. I am so grateful for all your help and patience with all the students. Everyone had a brilliant time; many were so surprised with how they managed to create such pieces. It was great, within two days I had made this amazing sculpted face and I could take it home as my priced possession. . Thank you Sheelaji! For the Totally amazing experience, I highly recommend Creative Sculpture classes to everyone who wants to bring out their unexplored hidden talent.

– Rita Gangwani

I started with Ms. Sheela Chamariya a month back with very little background in handling clay. Even in this tiny span of time, I have learnt a lot. Each student in our batch is given complete attention and focus. The thing I like is that there is a certain process by how we start this journey in the medium of clay. It gradually moves from eyes, lips, nose to a complete human figure. It’s a friendly atmosphere which is filled with her positive outlook to our work. Being an art student, my creative expression has always been important for me. The main thing that has attracted me to her studio is she encourages to think outside the box. I am very thrilled that she is my mentor in my journey of becoming a sculptor.

– Sharmeen Kaur

Sheela is very dedicated and Passionate about her work. She makes you work hard and pushes you to perceive things in a more artistic manner. Even for someone like me without any art background, she was able to see my distinct quality and made me grow. She is an amazing artist and a teacher.

– Archana Lohani

Sheela Chamariya is a Great artist as we all know, she was my first teacher cum friend in the creative field. Sheela helped me to take out my inner artist, my thinking power and above of all my confidence in creative art field. It has been now almost 15 years, I learnt from her.at this point of time I am happy as I am doing something good for myself in the creative field. Thank you  Sheela for showing me the right path and all the best for your future.

– Shikha Gupta

I met Sheela about nine years ago when I accidentally stumbled upon a event ,clay sculpture class in Delhi Times and the 18 year old in me wanted to learn something I had done never before. For sure I was in for a surprise when I discovered how much fun working with clay could be. Clay molding was stress relieving and extremely rewarding to see my sculptures come together. I made 2 wall arts, carved a beautiful intricate turtle and even made a figurine that Sheela thought looked just like me. I still have them at home and my parents are so proud of my artistic skills… Hehe. But the cherry on top was Sheela herself. Her robust personality- free like a bird, careless about the traditional Indian norms and her passion towards her work was so inspiring that the teenager in me wanted to be just like her. I am very fortunate to have met her and learn from her not just about sculpture but also her amazing self. I continue to get inspired everyday from her free spirited personality and I wish her all the success in life. Hope we get to meet up again soon!!

– Chandini Jindal – Architect

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