Corporate Training

An important aspect in today’s corporate atmosphere is putting in use all the intellectual abilities of an employee. At times, we have to push a person to prove his abilities and corporate training sessions including Arts / Sculpture classes, outdoor camps etc. have been tried out successfully.

The art of building up a figure or structure in a Sculpture class is one of the best ways to push an individual to his best. The clay and sculpture session helps all the people in transforming the ideas, thought process and attitudes towards life. It helps many ways especially, the modules on Goal setting, Decision Making and improving self Image, and in a way imparts meditative relaxation to an individual.

corporate training

When an artist is working on his creations, he thinks ahead of the time frame he/she is in. The artist gives a shape to this new world and similarly a leader must be able to depict the new ideas, and to conceive a new road in conjunction with the world.

Today, more and more organizations are recognizing this form of learning in trying to develop leadership competencies. These include the ability to intuit, think critically and holistically, see connections, and reframe problems.

A once a week/month sculpture / clay modeling workshop can help the participants by improving their abilities to:

  • Understand problems and evolve new perspectives by improving imagination power.
  • Establish associations between unrelated ideas and events.
  • Work at the edge of your potential by taking conceptual risks
  • Work within constraints
  • Creative leadership development
  • Collaboration and teamwork and improving communication skills.
  • New product development

The participants during one of my workshops with concluded that the session provided them positive changes in their beliefs about leadership, risk taking, converting images into real physical forms, etc.

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