“she seems to have impressed commissioners and commoners her shows,her wax worked ‘canvases’ get dotted with red bindies(signifies that painting has sold)surprisingly fast. She sculpt ceramic figures and viewers wonders if they are crafted out of bronze…”

“sheela’s work-paintings as well as sculpture- flow out of inner self, acting as a subject ,observing, objecting and expressing the outcome of interaction of the self with others, outside world and reality. In the process ,her work speaks to visitor with their musicality, vitality and positivity…”

by Ratnottama sen gupta  art critic HT

“Excellent sculpture. A good serious show”…
“Loved the drawings! They break new grounds..”

by Suneet chopra year 2000 ,2002

4. Delicate human sentiments expressed with great sensitivity in world of sculptural power…

by E.Alkazi

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